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Let the Champagne Flow at 888Ladies Bingo in 2014

Posted on Dec 19th, 2013 - By rowbingo - 0 Comments

Making a series of New Year's resolutions is all well and good, but if you're unable to back them up with a bit of dedication and a little bit of…


Bingo Deposit Methods

Online Bingo Deposit Methods

Posted on Nov 19th, 2013 - By rowbingo - 0 Comments

Online Bingo Deposit Methods Online bingo is big business and a variety of different payment options is a key consideration for all the operators in…


Bingo Promotions

Online Bingo Promotions Round-Up

Posted on Oct 29th, 2013 - By rowbingo - 0 Comments

The majority of Online Bingo operators give players a large number of regular bonus offers and promotions to enhance their play and make their money…


Bingo Community

Online bingo is one of the biggest growth areas in online gaming during recent years and continues to prove popular with a wide variety of gamers. On line bingo differs from play in regular bingo halls due to the fact that it employs a random number generator rather than a balls or a ball machine. The majority of the major bookmaking firms now have dedicated bingo sites, and there are also a large number of independent operators. Some companies specifically target women as their customer base, while others opt for a wide variety of different bingo players. There has never been greater choice for the consumer as far as online bingo is concerned. If you are looking for comprehensive information about bingo, then rowbingo.com is definitely the place to be! The most popular version of bingo in the UK and Europe is 90 ball on a 9x3 card. The cards have nine columns with three horizontal lines, each line containing five numbers. This gives a total of 15 numbers on each bingo card. The game is usually played in three separate stages; one line, two lines and full house. The games are basically as the names suggest. One Line means that to win the game, players must mark one horizontal line of five numbers. Two Line is exactly the same principle, but two horizontal lines must be completed, totalling ten numbers. Finally, the biggest prize is always the Full House. In this scenario, the bingo player needs to complete the card by having marked off all 15 numbers and in doing so, completes the One of the key features that sets online bingo apart from many other forms of online gambling is the chat function available at nearly all online bingo operators. More than 3 million people now play online bingo in the UK and a number of bingo sites have close knit communities who play each other on a daily basis. This is another area which sets online bingo apart from live play. During live bingo, chat between players is forbidden but during online bingo play, it's actively encouraged. There is usually a Chat Monitor in place who congratulates winning players and also ensures that the feature is not abused. On line bingo looks set to be around for many years to come and still has the potential for growth with the advent of mobile devices and the ongoing improvements in technology. Here at Row Bingo, we strive to bring you all the latest bingo news and reviews as well as the very best in bonus offers and promotions.

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How to play online bingo

Switch on a TV or flick through a newspaper and there's a pretty good chance that at some point you will come across an advert to play online bingo.There has been a huge increase in the number of websites that are available to people in the UK. As recently as 2004, fewer than 20 of these sites operated in the UK, but there are now thought to be around 350.Therefore, it pays to find out how they work so you can get in on the action and win some money, as well as have a good time doing it.

Getting started

People can play various online bingo games at several gaming sites if they wish - and the best thing about it is that playing is so easy. But first you will need to sign up with a particular bingo gaming site, such as Betfair.Once you have signed up and deposited a designated amount of money in your account then you can start surfing the site to see which of the games take your fancy.There isn't just one form of the game to look out for - there are plenty of different ones that people can sink their teeth into, from 90-ball or 75-ball bingo to slots bingo and straight pattern bingo.

How the games work

Once you have decided upon the games that you wish to play, you will be handed a random card that will display all of the numbers that can be called in a given game. So if you choose a 90-ball bingo game then there will be spaces numbered from one to 90 and so on. The site's software is programmed to call out the numbers and you must compare these with those printed on the cards you are doled out.It is on you to make sure that you pay close attention to the numbers that are called. A display will show those that have already been called while the game goes on.

How does the game know when you've won?

It all gets a bit tense in a game of bingo when you've only got a couple of numbers left to get a full house or complete a line that would see you win money. Every passing number that goes by, you're thinking that someone else has already hit the jackpot - and then you get the final one you're after and call bingo.The gaming site will then check the pattern on the card and compare it with the numbers that have been called, and if it is correct then that lucky player is declared the winner. If more than one person gets the winning pattern they share the prize.

What constitutes a winning pattern?

There are many different patterns and ways to win a game of bingo, but it depends very much upon the game. If you're playing a coverall game, this means that you will need to get every single number on your card before you can stake a claim for a win.Others will be letter-shaped patterns, which will be set before the game starts. For instance, you might have a normal bingo card but will have to make a designated letter in order to win the prize.There are straight line patterns that are generally the most popular online bingo games and they challenge players to create straight lines on their cards that can go up and down, left to right and diagonally in order for them to win.

Enjoy the easy nature of the game

The best thing about playing bingo online is that it is so easy to get the hang of and fit into your busy schedule. The games are fast-paced and you have a good chance of winning some of the huge jackpot prizes that are on offer. All of these factors help to make online bingo a great experience.